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I’m finally able to tell you I get to dance to be our guest and seeing something there my six-year-old self is on the ceiling heart bursting what changed between then and now what was the biggest difference between then and now I’d never done a musical before, and I’d never sung pop before. I mean, I’d always sung, but I’d never sung publicly before, and I’d never sung in front of anyone else. I’d never ridden a horse for a movie before, and I’d never done it for myself, so I went through this three-month boot camp where I was singing four times a week, dancing five times a week, and writing three times a week. Yeah, that’ll be two rounds combine them at the same time, but thank God I don’t think my brain would explain you didn’t sound intimidated. Yes, I feel like it unlocks for people something from their childhood, something that feels so deep inside them and like something they’ve always known it has a level of familiarity that is just so intense and special when I talk about prep and whatever else is like in the build-up to the movie I really felt the pressure of that not just because I love those dollas. What do you believe is crucial to Belle’s character that must be said in both the animated and live-action versions? When I think of Belle, I think of her singing Belle reprieves, which is her sort of coming out of her house and singing this song which is just kind of like a love song. That was always what I loved about Belle. What did you want to modify about it, or what did you want to add to make it your own version of Belle? What’s so beautiful about the whole storey is this idea that Belle can see past these extraneous external superficial qualities of beasts and see deeper, and that’s one of her special powers is that she can see behind his anger and frustration and see the pain and vulnerability and security, and her beauty is set in contrast to his Bettina. I really hope Geico would say the entire bun sorry yeah pay the money incredibly easy wow god look at that. Mike Okay, I’m not cleaning that up. Everyone has their own special style of brightening their day, which is why every Dunkin latte, cappuccino, and macchiato is expertly prepared with espresso and milk just the way you enjoy it. What does she do, where does she come from, and how does she spend her time before she meets Beast, and so I wanted to give her a bit more of a backstory so that we get a sense of why she doesn’t fit in like shy three books and she’s not desperately trying to fit in like Gaston, but why is it that she’s such an outsider why does she feel like she doesn’t fit in so much, and I really wanted to give her a backstory.

They don’t like anything that’s foreign or unknown to them, so they try to break the washing machine as a symbol of not just them breaking from me, which they’ve spent hours working on, but also of them trying to break her spirit and mould her into a more acceptable version of herself. Oh, we prefer this aspect of your personality, so let’s cultivate that area, that sort of thing that you’re good at, and let’s just kind of like push that side a little bit plot wise, and also explained why she wasn’t so eager to get back to the village it was very important to me the bell try to meaningfully you know try to escape, and only at the point when the beast comes and saves her. What is it that makes the beast worthy of being saved and redeemed and guessed on not worthy of it like what is she seeing question I believe she can see a beast that there is someone who has been fundamentally good that has been damaged and that just needs rehabilitating almost and is just in need of love whereas Gaston is on the opposite end of the spectrum who is a monster who is a monster who is a monster who is a monster who is a monster who is a monster who is a

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