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Our next visitor is currently seated in the audience. It may even be you. Everyone, please take a seat. That’s all right. And you must be truthful in this situation. If you watch my show every day, stay standing. Every single day. You should be ashamed of yourself.

of your own. If you have a chance, stay on your feet.

Over 30 letters have been written to me. If you’re standing, don’t move.

You were born in the Dominican Republic. If you’ve learned something, stay put.

By viewing my show, you can improve your English. Come on down, Diana.

Hi. Isn’t that Diana Aquino?

Yes. Hello. Hi. Hi. I’m in love with you. I adore you as well. I adore you as well. You’re a sweetheart. So, first and foremost,

It was a fantastic technique to figure out who was watching.

Every day, I broadcast my show. So, when did you relocate to this area?

Are you a Dominican Republic native? In May of 2011, I relocated here. OK.

And you didn’t say anything.

Is there any English? No. In fact, I only say two words. It was a greeting and a farewell. The most essential words in this paragraph. Really. Yes, of course. That’s all right. As a result, you acquired English.

after seeing my show And how did you accomplish this?

Oh. OK. That’s a hilarious storey. I was just flipping over the pages.

I was merely surfing through the networks.

And I’ve just walked up to you. I inquired if you were present.

“Who is that?” my mother inquires. My mother was also there.

“Her name is Ellen,” for example.

She has a great sense of humour. Just sit back and enjoy the show. You’ll adore her. “But,” I countered, “I don’t have any.”

I’m not sure what she’s saying. “Neither do I,” she said. But keep an eye on it. She’s a complete riot.

“OK,” I said after that. “I keep an eye on it.” Nothing made sense to me.

Literally, that’s what you were saying. Please accept my apologies, but I did not. Then, in the very end,

There was just this feeling about the show.

every phrase you utter “Be kind,” you say. Then there was that word.

stayed with me When you receive it, you’ll know.

You’re intrigued by this word and want to learn more about it. I went out and got my dictionary. I looked it up on the internet. And I continued to gaze.

place of the C, at the wrong word

of the letter K Oh, my goodness.

But I figured it out. And I observed how the word was used.

It means to be good to other people, and it means to be kind. And that made an impression on me.

I’ll be here for a long time because I’m a noisy person. I’m a romantic. I prefer to treat everyone with respect. So that’s what I’ve been thinking about.

to be honest with myself about who I am.

So there you have it. That’s a lovely gesture. That’s fantastic. That’s fantastic. So you mentioned you’re a

a lot of affection I am aware that our

Your culture isn’t as affectionate as yours.

Right? Yes. Y’all have a lot of affection for one other.

Americans, on the other hand, are extremely tense.

In Dominican Republic,

We make a lot of noise. And we all know each other. Every one of our neighbours is known by name. We exchange hugs. We give each other a cheek kiss. And no matter what happens, we will always hug you. If it’s the first time we meet,

We’ll still hug you when the time comes. We’re still insane.

As a result, I just keep doing it. Yeah. You continue to do it. You continue to hug them. You give them a cheek kiss. Yes, of course. I’m the one who does it. That’s all right. As a result, you’re putting

to get you through college You work as a math tutor, right?

And what else do you do for a living?

Right now, I’m a math tutor, and

I work as a cashier on the sixth level of a retail shop. In a store that sells things. So that’s fine.

So I’ve got a present for you.

because you stated that you had learned

The English are keeping an eye on me. So I’ve got the Ellen.

The Dictionary of Ellen DeGeneres. That’s all right. Thank you very much. That’s all right. So, let’s see what happens. That’s all right. Of course, the first word is,

It all begins with an Andy. It’s also a noun. In addition, the term

is a typical human.

OK. Andy is one of my favourites. He’s really cool. Andy is one of my favourites. I adore him as well. Then there’s the Bachelor. And a television is a noun.

show Ellen tries not to watch, but she can’t help but get drawn in.

back into each new season It’s all right. I’m in the same boat. I understand. They entice you in. Then there’s the sparkle.

It’s a proper noun. Tiny shards of glistening substance

I’m a complete mess as a result of this.

It should also be illegal. Oh, my goodness. Right. Then we travel back much further in time.

We have Shutterfly as a dictionary. It’s a proper noun. It’s a fantastic business.

who enjoys sharing life’s joys and want to assist you

as part of your schooling

by providing you with a

A $10,000 check is required. Oh, my goodness. Thank you a lot! Thank you very much. Hi. Andy is my name. Ellen has requested me to remind you of something.

to join her channel’s mailing list

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amazing videos, such as videos of me being afraid or

stating things that are humiliating,

as though it were a ball peen hammer Additionally, there are some videos of

If you’re enjoying celebrities like Ellen and others,

this kind of thing God!

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