Describe your relationship

How would you describe your relationship today? I feel like we’re great friends and co-parents. I mean, we’re family, and I think we always will be. How did you deal with Scott’s substance abuse issues and infidelity?
I mean, the adultery was something I only found out about at the end, so I think the substance abuse was the deal breaker. So, Scott, do Courtney and Travis have your blessing? I mean, if you truly love someone, you want them to be happy no matter what, so I do offer her a blessing to be happy.
Okay, so before you found out he was cheating the first time, did you suspect? No, I didn’t think so. I didn’t think so because I didn’t have enough time or energy to process really what was going on and I just wanted to have my baby. Why did you take him back just for true the first time when I had true?

I’d like to ask everyone to tell me something that you’ve learned or that you’ve come away from tonight realising this entire experience has brought me a lot closer to you guys and has made me appreciate you all so much more I think the one thing I took away just from this whole experience of filming keeping up with the kardashians and even watching it all b

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