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all right guys let me tell you what you can’t do when you’re pricing out your services you can’t just start making up prices on the spot hey let me tell you this t-shirt for five dollars let me sell you this one for ten dollars let me sell you this hoodie in a box for twenty dollars you can’t do that what’s up guys my name is joe bunn and today i want to share with you some thoughtful strategic ways to price your dj services so again my name is joe bunn i’m the owner of bun dj company here in raleigh north carolina we also have offices all the way across this great united states and i’m the founder of what’s called the dj’s vault which is a library of knowledge from mobile event djs just like yourself after doing this now for over 30 years i can tell you guys that pricing is critical you have to get this right today i’m going to share with you the strategies we use here at bundy j company that have booked us millions of dollars in wedding business here at bun dj company i’m a huge fan of package pricing you gotta have three packages low middle and high studies have shown that people always seem to gravitate towards that middle package when you’re dealing with booking couples they usually don’t want the cheapest package and they rarely gravitate toward the high end package so that middle one is the sweet spot when we get into the sales consultation we often tell them that middle package is our most popular and that’s actually not a lot listen every once in a while you’re going to get lucky and meet with that couple that wants to have it all and they’re going to want that top package don’t discourage that but i’m just saying the middle package seems to be the one that most people are going to be gravitating towards the reason for having only three packages is it keeps things simple the last thing you want to do in a consultation is overwhelm your potential clients remember most people that come to meet with you have never gotten married before or haven’t hired a dj in a very long time they need you to guide them need you to steer them and show them that bundling saves money i have no problem showing the a la carte pricing either in fact i put it very first at the top of our pricing page so that they don’t get scared off by the high end package pricing so how do you decide what to put in your packages for that middle package i always go back and look at the sales data from the previous year in this case pc pre-covered and we look at what we did the best of or what we sold the most of so in our case it’s we sold a lot of up lighting we sold a lot of the overtime hour we sold a lot of the ceremony audio and we sold a lot of dance floor lighting so i took those items and put them in that middle package then for the lowest package i took off most of that stuff and i think just left the dance floor lighting and for the highest package added on a photo booth and a co2 gun so in summary three packages the highest package has the most items the lowest package has the fewest items and that middle package is your sweet spot where you have your most booked elements please make sure when you’re packaging this stuff though that you’re charging enough for the individual items in the package for example if you have to pay somebody to go out and set up up lights that’s a charge if you have to do the co2 gun for example you have to pay for the tank think about these things you don’t want to make that mistake for a bonus tip on selling packages stick around to the end next we want to talk about presenting the packages you want to make this very simple and clear the last thing you want to do is confuse your clients and have them saying let us think about it so whether you use a hidden page on your website or if you use a pdf or if you use something printed out that you hand them in person when they come in for the consultation make sure you get creative for example the titles of ours are the oak tree the cardinal and the sir walter so these are very north carolina specific names please please please stay away from gold platinum and silver it’s not very creative it’s very boring and honestly your competitors are probably already using those names whether it’s on the pdf or the hidden page on your website show these three side by side in a very easy comparison format again middle package has got a square around it a star and it clearly says most popular remember here at bun dj company we’re a big fan of sending out pricing right when people inquire with us why it eliminates the tire kickers it makes sure that when we meet with somebody whether it’s in person or on zoom that they are already qualified some of you guys might know when i meet with couples i’m a big fan of using a keynote or powerpoint presentation what this allows me to do is get to that slide and talk about pricing without feeling weird or awkward it just tends to be part of the conversation at that point and then again i always steer them towards that middle package and use the term most popular for help creating your very own slideshow presentation stick around to the end here’s the bonus tip that i was talking about when you lay out all the packages you’re going to want to show the math what do i mean by that you’re going to show what it would cost if they bought this as an a la carte thing and then you’re going to show what you actually charge them and then the best part you show the savings remember this is a bundle and save situation they want to bundle package save this is a great way guys to raise your bottom line pricing i remember when we were first starting to get big we were in that 9.95 and we could not get over that 9.95 mark when we started packaging things together that’s when we skyrocketed and now our average ticket sale is around 2 600 remember when i was telling you guys about that keynote or powerpoint presentation i use when i meet with couples check out the link below it’s the wedding sales machine you can actually go and see the one we use and customize it so you can use it there’s another link below for you guys to check out our free automated email templates and also plenty of other videos below make sure you watch those if you guys like this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and also if you want to learn more about mobile dj business go to i’m joe bunn thanks for watching you

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