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you can’t miss the end of the week feeling as it comes with an overwhelming joy now it’s friday it’s friday okay friday people now we believe you have had an absolutely great week with us here and thank you very much for being there for us thank you for making the show absolutely spectacular we couldn’t have done it without you now the weekend proper starts with us and hopefully it starts with a big big bang yes indeed so get ready for a refreshing edition on your premium breakfast show here with us in wake up nigeria my name is mazino appeal and i am talk about olonyo now guess what if we have to move you can stream the show live at tvc entertainment.tv and on facebook at tbc connect now also send in your comments with the hashtag wake up nigeria on tbc on all our social media platforms and of course you can watch all our exciting episodes from all through the week and even from before that on youtube so please go on on there and subscribe to our youtube channel tvc entertainment and also this friday this friday we have someone special joining on wake up extra by 2 30 p.m via ig live yeah so you definitely want to follow us on instagram tv to connect and get ready because 2 30 is going to be lit now mazuno how about you tell us what we’re going to do today it’s it’s it’s very interesting and it’s based on you wow fantastic actor you’ve got you’ve done it you said it you just had to do something that you’re going to champion okay okay so watch out for that one escape it’s it’s game day okay so let’s kick up your weekend with some words of motivation from today on daily vulnerables my life i feel good gone to it’s very relative see the thing is about the spirit it’s about you know communication with your inner self everybody has the i’ll just leave everybody in the nigerian dance has to do more about character and especially your facial expressions exactly you’re looking like you’re having a seizure or something that’s your average your average face is like and then you have to be able to hype yes what one is that one am i getting it who can do it better accept you friday friday what’s up what’s up what’s up they’re looking forward to the big games aren’t you oh yes yes it’s been you know after like what four months of no sports no football it’s back to back you’re having um the europa league final today champions league final on sunday and then next sunday is the calling cup the season is already beginning just back-to-back so yeah we’re here for all of that managing with the whole you know semi lockdown type because i know football is like really tough when it’s a nighttime thing so you had to what happened was that in games you have simulated atmospheres so what happens is that they have a pre-recorded uh the audio of a previous game they just lifted and you know simulated around the stadium speaker you get that so confident because when it started the first few matches it was just like training oh you mean that’s what they do in the stadium you know so people are not allowed and the uk is working towards a plan to you know gradually allow people into stadiums they’re looking at october they’re not yet sure it’s still is not uh you know certain yet but gradually there’s some countries like belarus belarus some countries in europe already have funds in limited capacity russia yes maybe they they have russians just want to they just want to they just want to show up yeah they said they said their vaccine is has passed all the tests you know it’s you see that movie right yeah oh no it’s it’s actually the name of the vaccine it’s a movie it’s a spaceship i was gonna say that there’s a movie yeah but there’s a movie spot and a creepy movie man oh yeah very creepy talking about movies you have entertainment for us yeah yeah yeah kevin hart and will smith of course we make reboots are the main thing now yeah i mean not only would you be putting almost everything and we’re here for it do you know what i’m excited about well what fresh prince is getting ready no i don’t know where did you grow up yeah exactly like just leave the leave the fresh praise exactly i like it i like that it’s going to get a reboot because i’m looking forward to what they can do about it because it’s going to be drama format now and i love the dramas that i’ve been you know they’re showing on netflix so i’m curious plus it was good enough i feel like yeah because i always go back to yeah you can go back and it enjoy it yeah i think that’s the reason why they’re not calling it the fresh prince so it’s going to be bel air so there’s a difference well anyways let’s see do that again mike sorry let’s see let’s see how that goes let’s see how that goes okay everybody is like kevin hart and will smith for the first time are working on a project together okay so they never have they never have not that they have a beef though no no no no they’re just now cool they never have that so they always kevin hart said i was always waiting for the right time so it feels like this is the right time so i’m looking forward to what it what it’s like yeah i think i’d like to actually see what it’s like because both of them have this um element of comment well kevin hart is all comedy yeah with me it has an element of comments the comedies are very different if you ask me yeah sure will smith is a very relatable type character when it comes to his comedy okay kevin hart is a bit yeah yeah true too i mean he’s all the way down there so you gotta stand up comedian uh dave chappelle is up there he’s very conscious dave chappelle is up there because you know these are people that they don’t still do so they don’t just write a joke they bring out what’s happening even talk about the most serious things and that’s why i love trevor noah yeah boom they will talk about traveling trying to bring if it was nigeria talk about terrorism you understand how deep it is yeah you would feel the message you would smile maybe yeah you will not offend anybody yeah he’s one comedian that hardly apologizes now apologize he doesn’t have to because exactly you know what he does he takes the most sensitive matters he makes you laugh slips the truth in your mind while you’re laughing and then when you take it in you’re like well yeah yeah exactly those guys these guys are off the hook so that’s why trevor noah he’s the man of course he he always studied that dave chappelle is his mentor he was you know what dave chappelle is very very explicit yeah that’s wonderful trevor noah keeps it very very respectable yeah i think all right so let’s get the show started um we’re going to let topper do the news and we’ll get back we’re going to be on a roll yes i will take the news now the nigerian military authority says troops will continue to support efforts by the government to resettle idps in their homeland coordinator of the defense media operation major general john enencher explains that in spite of the attacks on troops in kakuwa in borno state efforts are on to ensure the idps are properly settled defense correspondent sifo scn reports security forces continued to battle bandits insurgents and other criminals in various theaters of warfare days after insurgents attacked troops deployed in kukawa borno state eight insurgents were killed and three soldiers lost their lives the locals are picking up bits and pieces of their lives in the aftermath of effort by the borno state government and resettling them in their homeland whatever we are doing is strictly in line with the directive given by the commander-in-chief to the armed forces and other security agencies to go and do more two days before the attack in kukawa the nigerian air force carried out aerial strikes on several targets in the sambisa forest and on the fringes of the league chart the targets are similar to those identified by the borno state governor in a recent visit to the nigerian air force headquarters on the 16th of august 2020 one of the island settlements on the fringes of the lake church additionally the logistics facilities of vhc at bukharmaram on the fringes of the league chad were also destroyed on the 17th of august 2020. their attack on the locations scored devastating hits on the settlement killing no fewer than 20 terrorists and destroying their structures this group is rallying for support for the troops and the efforts of the federal government in tackling the security challenges in the country but for the security forces enforcing the fragile peace in order to pave the way for idps to be resettled is a tall order for the military authorities timely and actionable information is required to continually support the effort of the government and resettling the idps in your homestead siphon asean tbc news abuja the oil state police command has placed the bounty of 500 000 naira for anyone with useful information that could lead to the re-arrest of nineteen-year-old suspected serial killer sunday shoddikwe who recently escaped from police custody on the 11th of august in ibado police commissioner jo anwa wu made this development known in a statement made available to tvc news in which he expressed displeasure over the sudden disappearance of the suspects alleged to be the mastermind behind series of killings that have engulfed the ikea local council district of oyo state the police bus also implored residents to be vigilant while ensuring that the suspects would face the full wrath of the law the police in kano state have again rescued another man who has unlawfully been locked up for 30 years in a solitary room by his relatives the relatives were reported to have held the man whose name is yet to be known for having a psychiatric problem the victim 55 year old was tied to a log of wood with a metal preventing him from moving around confirming the incident to tvc news the kano police spokesman abdullahi haruna said the victim has been admitted in a medical facility at rogue local government area and already an investigation has been launched into the matter it could be recalled that few days ago the canon police had rescued one ahmed aminu who was imprisoned by his father and stepmother for seven years and another 30 year old who was also held for 15 years by parents in shaker quarters the nigerian senate has urged the federal government to explore new sources of revenue generation as some revenue agencies from government keep falling short of their set targets president of the senate ahmed lawan made this assertion at the five-day public hearing on the medium-term expenditure framework and fiscal strategy paper at the national assembly national assembly correspondent tess jesus adelier reports the interface between the legislature and the executive arm of government on the details of the 2021-2023 medium-term expenditure framework and fiscal strategy paper continues with more emphasis on revenue generation lawmakers meet minds with the heads of these agencies of government on how more sources of revenue can be created president of the senate ahmed lawan notes that time is of the essence as the country must begin to look inward and consider prospects of public-private partnership for sustainable growth and infrastructural development i think the time has come for us as an administration to start to think of other sources and means of funding on infrastructure definitely the differences of infrastructure is so much

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