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then we have to be a little bit more liberal and enamored it is serious business for these lawmakers as revenue generating agencies are made to give account of their previous performances and how feasible their current projections to the end of the are i don’t see how you arrive at this nominal consumption and the nomination of 142 we meet 117 the various bodies even before we arrive at this number this number none does come from finance it’s as a result of the consultation even the exchange some agencies suggest that nigeria’s parliament must review some of the country’s laws to avoid leakages and derive more funds lawmakers agreed that government must explore new sources of revenue generation to grow the economy they urge already existing revenue generating agencies to leave nothing to chance in meeting up with your targets tj suarez news abuja well that’s it on the news update for this hour thank you so much mike uh good morning and welcome to our sports headlines but taking the covers of the paper yeah let’s take the headlines from the paper so much happening this morning you want to start all right i will um let’s start with the guardian newspaper this morning and today’s friday august 21st 2020 yep i know you know that already uh the big headline here foreign investors shun south south as oil runs dry never thought i’d hear that well actually he expected it stakeholders blame insecurity poor governance new lagos refinery will pump crude from region why region needs stability now by experts the writers on there and then at the bottom of the page you see can rejects new company law seeks review one’s fg to avert crisis over comma 2020 says act a declaration of war on christianity their argument is that it gives the government control over the church since it can suspend the trustee and they’re like no you can’t interfere with the matters of the church because it’s supposed to be spiritual can’t get in between god uh to the side of the page here stats on the covet 19 situation in nigeria cases in nigeria you can get all the details on there and of course let’s see now um buhari six stiffer six different sanctions for mali and junta um a restoration of civil rule and nigerians abroad protest against kaduna killings task us others on cessation nnpc dismisses rumor of missing crude oil ready for probe and iot lay prime suspect in for culpable homicides as court freeze 2. that’s on page five and that’s it for the front page of the guardian newspaper you might want to find all those stories inside okay moving on to the front page of vanguard this morning we have insecurity banditry big issue says igp law to regic military coming most bandits are foreigners igp military targets foreigners in nigeria over arms supply two bandits fourteen bandits killed and encounters deactivates illegal refineries with four hundred and two thousand liters of diesel 1509 barrels of crude new law to reject military other security agencies underway at house of reps to set up special fund for security agencies a photo story here showing echoes veteran meeting on mali moving lower in the paper we have pdp not ready for edo polls says apc votes must count pdp declares inec warns against votes buying violence as parties bicker over deployment of civil defense command commandant so the top of the paper we have conference mba with the withdrawals elbow fight invitation fg facing paucity of funds lawan cries out oyo police placed 5 millionaire reward on runaway serial killer akira dolu pdp at each other over fees slash in ondo varsity cbn disburses 237 billion naira banknotes to merchants and others in 2019. federal government okays 13.3 billion naira take off fund for community policing uk’s nigerian mission to reissue expired 30 days visa for free and finally we have khan pfn blast federal government over karma 2020. there’s so much more you want to catch up on on vanguard newspaper for today all right now so moving on to the nigerian tribune it’s a potpourri of headlines this morning on the front page starting with community policing fd approves 13 billionaire for takeoff oh yeah police placed 500 000 bounty and wanted about a serial killer and a rotila court freeze two suspects drivers charged with culpable homicide fresh crisis in ondo pdp over choice of running mate and 10 killed in biosa rivers clash echo as leaders demand malian president’s release returned a constitutional order to visit mali and nigeria won’t allow flights from hostile countries as foreign allies express airlines rather express readiness to recommend flights that’s as much as we can take for the headlines but do join us again inside the second hour we’ll be giving you some more um let’s do a very short break when we get back it’s still wake up nigeria welcome to lagos traffic updates now you know we are always here to help you get to your destination faster but we also advise that you help other road users by dropping relevant traffic information on all our social media platforms using the hashtag wake up nigeria on tvc this morning we’re starting our journey for those coming into lagos from eberfor all the way to beggar now this journey should take you approximately 1 hour 17 minutes and it shows that there’s congestion that’s causing at least 38 minutes delay so if you’re traveling around this axis you might want to prepare your mind for what is ahead now we’re starting from the nasfat islamic center at it at a buffer now it shows that this thick traffic at this point connecting from greenland estate ssa i hope i got that right now it gets thicker around the sarah central mosque not i don’t know what’s going on there but if you live around that axis please just use the hashtag use wake up nigerian tvc and share with us the updates and that access now right after that through um the college of insurance the traffic is intense now from that point all the way till you get to the multitracks integrated foods axis that’s where we have um where we have the buffer community school right after the buffer community school the traffic begins to ease up now after that from the where we have the high impact amusement park it’s like a landmark there the traffic is it’s a lot less it’s free the road is free at that point but picks up again at the prayer city the mfn prayer city and it gets thicker through the millennium estate all the way through wawa bus stop i’m sure this i’m calling this landmark hoping that it helps you now at isheri okay it’s thick traffic like it’s like it it’s like a lockdown traffic i could say that but it eases up at opec event center axis um picks up again at about sparkling house estate side but the road freeze up at cara market now cara is a place that we’re quite familiar with now from cara the road eases up now that means if you’re coming from the up for access that’s where the traffic is once you get to cara guess what you have lighter traffic and all the way to beggar is free so if you’re around that axis guess what you might not experience any traffic i’m going to check all the routes i’m hoping mike and mazzino have some updates for me i got a couple of updates yes indeed so if you’re heading to the island this morning if ireland is your workplace your destination depends where you’re getting into or onto the island from if you’re using the third mainland bridge there will be a bit of traffic just as you get onto ring road it extends for a bit but it’s not too bad it’s moving at least it’s rolling on the marina there’s going to be some traffic just before cms that will take you a little while because it seems like it’s thick but once you get past these places it’s absolutely free and quite fast on the island businesses are still shut down mostly so it’s pretty much free on there so you would be home free by that time um that’s um like i said from before as you’re heading on to the island um that’s what i have this morning of course heading um via from matador bridge heading out of uh out of lagos that’s what happens on fridays you mentioned it and today was another day by 5 00 a.m wow it was already blocked like there was no movement so i’m trying to head out of it yeah going out of lagos i don’t know why i know i won’t i don’t know if it’s a curfew because uh because of a curfew the border wasn’t open for i know up until maybe say um it ends it ends but i don’t know why the reason because on fridays is free yeah fridays would be i think everybody’s been locked and locked in lagos for such a while so now everybody wants to try and get out especially on friday saturday is no better by the way last week saturday was very bad heading out of lagos it took about two hours for you to get to the chagamo interchange and trust me that was only between uh seven and eight o’clock after that it became even worse so just so you know um if you’re planning a trip today it’s already too late it is it is it is right all right uh thank you very much for joining me on traffic updates remember that no matter what it is just be patient you will get to your destination it might not be at the time you want but you will get your decision next up is what’s up and about in lagos with my people mike amazino i’m joining writing no no no lily gosu oh god they care about lagos bad um i just saw that do you is it road rage to insult that driver it is of course but it’s very exciting to do i forgive the gossians for doing it because the pressures of being on lagos roads can be very very solid um not anymore because i’m trying to watch my temperament these days because it actually has a mental effect on you and how you interact with other people once you’re done because traffic really has a big effect on us no this is not just traffic not just traffic i’m talking about a normal day just not people you know somebody wait somebody imagine somebody’s crossing the road then they see you come you’re not slowed down and asked us truly what would you say you know what i do what i do and i think you should imbibe it get close to the person and look at them give them that look like see your life when you give them that look it has a satisfying feeling i don’t do i have to say i say something i do keep quiet don’t see you they’ll just look at you and say they’re not slowed down like they’re people they’re running out because they’re like you’re trying to see you coming they don’t slow down and that’s that’s telling me here it is that’s why you’re walking i got one for you guys so kate henshaw yesterday posted something on instagram or twitter yeah and it gave me some concern okay so she said as parents well i’m the only parent here um she said that we should be very careful with how eager we are to put our kids on social media now i am already a uh what do you call it i’m already a suspect because i have my daughter on social media and um we’re very excited about it what we use it for we’re trying to use it as a means of um for posterity curating her growing up so it’s locked to the outside world it’s only just secluded for family alone but what she raised actually brought plenty of concern because it is true it is very unsafe to actually put your kids awards out there in the public at such a tender age and i’m considering maybe to just cut it out what exactly did she say was the reason predators people are actually prowling the web looking for young people whether we like it or not it’s something that happens in nigeria you know exactly so i i don’t know it’s just plenty of concern especially if you are a public figure figure yes yeah you know that that’s very true because i remember seeing a celebrity’s chat and i’m like oh see there’s like i’m just like oh see this person’s child and it was so funny because i felt like i knew this child like one-on-one because i’ve seen so many videos of the children of social media so much like i had experienced the experiences the mother has had with each other i’m a lot of people need to know that social media is not the only way you can curate those memories the cloud is available and it can be accessible only by you and maybe immediate members of a family you can create a private you know there are thousands of things you can do but easily now say the cloud yeah you can put it in the cloud learn how to use the cloud there’s your android cloud there’s your application there’s a different ways right you can put it that way to keep it for posterity sake so be careful social media is not the only place it’s like you should not put a book just be careful i mean some go with uniforms yeah don’t do that that’s right that one please you know especially before and then they know the school you’re they they know the school your child goes through like oh something you actually just said something that just made me think again because you said you felt like as if you knew that person’s child already now my daughter was here sometime last week and she while we were leaving she asked me how come everybody knows my name and i’m like well maybe because they’ve seen you on my social media page but now that you just said that i’ve just realized how how you know the effect on her because she’s not very comfy she’s very confused yeah as to how calm people she can’t i’m putting her in a situation that she is not ready for she does not understand she can’t comprehend so it’s making me think right why why do they know me so you might want to you might want to check that i get the parents are super excited like oh my b

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