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it has been a year of taking it slow learning new skills and just a whole lot of self-reflection but not for these celebs since being stuck in quarantine a few of our favorite stars made it a point to live their best lives and to make the best of their situation starting with hair transformations we all know a do-it-yourself cut or at home die job almost never turns out the way we want it but you might change your mind after seeing these it all started when joe jonas went platinum blonde in august but when october came around joe served up a whole new vibe when he revealed hot pink hair on his insta and honestly it’s probably one of his best looks and while joe is out here trying out new hair colors tiffany hat is she’s shaving all of hers off and her reasoning for that is simply because she wants to see her scalp of course when she made this announcement people flipped out but she had this to say to all of her haters for the people that’s trying to say i don’t lost my damn mind because i have not if anything i’ve gained so much mind so much peace and i still look better than you well said tiffany britney spears christelle strauss and miley cyrus also debuted new dues this year and britt showed off a fresh new and short look on instagram she shared multiple selfies and captioned the photos cut my hair you know what they say out with the old in with the new this cut is just in time for the new year and we are loving it as for krichelle she reached that part in quarantine where bangs were looking mighty fine but instead of making that semi-permanent decision to cut her actual hair michelle had her silas add in some clipping bangs for her night out at the people’s choice awards and let’s just say we wouldn’t be mad if she decided to really go for it all of these cuts and hair transformations happened throughout the year but miley cyrus was definitely ahead of the curve when she debuted this choppy look to the gram at the start of 2020. miles and her mullet rocked the year with multiple performances and also made a statement with a super sexy rolling stone cover feature and this is one duo we didn’t know we needed jessica simpson’s 2020 transformation is of a different variety if you didn’t know jessica revealed on instagram that she lost 100 pounds after giving birth to her third child birdie may back in 2019. well fast forward to a year later and just shared a super encouraging fitness selfie with her fans crediting her figured is simply moving around and getting her steps in but jessica isn’t the only one with an incredible fitness journey rubble wilson has been taking her fans on her year of health mission by constantly sharing updates on her insta and she’s been refreshingly honest about her journey so far i want you first of all tonight like i am not freaking perfect about it what i’ve more focused on is balance but i bloody um screw up all the time and it’s hard because i’ve probably been overweight probably since i was about 20. and while this one isn’t a typical transformation it’s still a pretty impressive one at the start of the year prince harry and meghan markle let go of their royal titles and duties to lead a more private life as normal citizens or in their case as normal as can be this means no more being referred to as his and her royal highness no longer receiving public funds no more royal duties and military appointments basically anything they once did as royals they no longer can participate in and these are just some of the biggest transformations of this year we can’t wait to see what everyone has of their sleeves for twenty one you

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