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I release episodes every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, and this is episode 337. Because I use Chinese names quite a bit on my show, if you want the English spelling of them, click CC for English subs, I create them myself. In today’s episode, “Is it all over for Zheng Shuang?” and “The stars come out on Douyin Star Night”, but first, here’s what’s recently premiered. Unrequited Love romance drama starring Hu Yitian and Hu Bingqing and it premiered yesterday, Jan 20th. Hu Bingqing plays Luo Zhi, a girl who’s been harboring secret feelings for a guy since they first met as children at a wedding. The apple of her eye is Sheng Huainan, played by Hu Yitian. He has no idea she likes him so he keeps her in the friend zone all throughout high school but come their college years, they take a short trip together and sparks fly. However, can their romance stand the test of lurking third and fourth parties? So I said this a couple of episodes ago and it seems like it resonated with some of you so I’ll say it again. Unrequited love, the real thing not drama, really sucks and I’m sure most of us if not all of us have had it for someone at some point in our lives. If you find yourself in that position, you know, secretly stealing glances at someone who doesn’t even give you the time of day, don’t let it get you down too much, you will get over it and hopefully can look back on it one day and laugh. That’s not from Philosophy 101, it’s from my own school of hard knocks. Anyway, Unrequited Love, the drama, is slated for 38 episodes and is available on YouTube, no English subs at the moment. Always Have Always Will 原来时光都记得 is a modern youth drama starring Li Geyang and Dawn Chen and it premiered on Jan 20th as well. The drama follows the new girl in school who becomes enemies with the cool smart boy. Years later, they meet in university and their frosty relationship warms into love. The drama is slated for 24 episodes and is available on YouTube with English subs. And that’s is for what’s recently premiered, moving on, here’s a surprise drama that’s just confirmed a Jan premiere date. Guys With Kids 奶爸当家 is an upcoming modern drama starring Bosco Wong and Adi Kan and they have confirmed a premiere date of Jan 22nd, that’s tomorrow. The drama follows three dudes played by Bosco Wong, Leo Luo and Leo Liu as they are suddenly given a baby to care for. Bosco’s character’s first love had died in an accident and decided to leave him her infant child. Now, not only are the three guys taking turns with diaper duty, they are also collectively looking for the baby’s daddy. I mentioned earlier that this is a surprise drama because it was actually filmed a long time ago – in 2015 if you can believe it – and they only announced their premiere date yesterday. And you can see from the pictures, Leo Luo looks quite different back then. Also, from some of these pictures it looks like the drama will have over-the-top comedy, which means it probably won’t be it is slated for 43 episodes and will premiere on Youku. I’ll update again if it becomes available elsewhere with English subs. Next, we move on to some celebrity news. And how can we not begin with the media bomb that recently exploded in the Chinese entertainment circle. Is it all over for Zheng Shuang? I actually wanted to talk about this in my previous episode but at the time most of what was said was just speculation. Now, just a couple of days later, it seems more light has been shed on the matter but let me just first talk about Zheng Shuang’s presence in the Chinese entertainment circle. Zheng Shuang burst onto the drama scene as a teenager in 2009’s Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower. Since then, she’s starred in many dramas, most notably opposite Yang Yang in 2016’s Love 020, one of the most viewed Chinese gaming dramas ever. She also has quite the presence on Chinese variety shows having been in 10 different ones in 2020 alone. So this whole thing ignited on Monday when her ex-boyfriend, Zhang Heng, posted a picture on social media. It was a picture of him with two kids. And in his post he says that he’s been in the US taking care of two young children. The picture went viral and caused netizens to speculate if Zheng Shuang was the two kids’ mother. The accusation is that the Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng went to the US to have kids through surrogacy (because surrogacy is illegal in China), but since their relationship went sour, she wants to abandon the children. This was fueled by the kids’ US birth certificates surfacing online stating Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng as their parents. Additionally, and probably most incriminatingly, audio recordings also surfaced online. They have Zheng Shuang and her parents lamenting the situation. After a few days, Zheng Shuang responded. She said that she didn’t want to air the matter in public but it has been exposed bit by bit with ulterior motives. She also said that her lawyers in China and the US have never given up fighting for her and her family’s legal rights nor have they given up mediating the case with the other party. She doesn’t mention the surrogacy but they are obviously dealing with the matter in court. There’s actually more to the story including possible infidelity and even blackmail but I won’t get into it because the story gets long. What I’ve just given is the gist of it but I do want to touch on one other thing, where does Zheng Shuang go from here? Well, the fallout was swift. Prada cut ties with her after announcing her as brand ambassador only a week ago. But probably the most telling reaction came yesterday when the National Radio and TV Administration released a statement to denounce her actions and blacklist her. So what does this mean for Zheng Shuang’s showbiz career? It’s pretty much all over in China. And we all know what happens to a celebrity’s shows when he or she doesn’t stay onside with the government. Her dramas, movies and whatever she’s been in will likely be canned – that’s just how they operate. And just a last thought on this, however this hot mess gets resolved, I hope the children’s welfare are put first and foremost. The celebrity and her ex should be a distant secondary consideration. And moving on, here’s something less grim and more celebratory, the Douyin Star Night. The 2020 Douyin Star Night was held on Jan 19th, 2021, and boy did the stars show up. It’s one of the many award ceremonies in China held within the entertainment circle and this is actually the first time I’ve heard of it. There isn’t very much information on it, like I don’t think they even have a website on it, but that didn’t stop the stars from showing up. On the night, there were more than 30 honors awarded – here are some of the notable ones. Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying won the Star God and Goddess of the Year awards respectively. The award was based on the number of videos played, likes and fans on Douyin which is essentially Tik Tok in China. Li Xian and Zhao Liying won the most popular actor awards. In 2020, Li Xian related topics exceeded 49 million searches on Douyin. He and Zhao Liying were presented their awards by film heavyweights Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi. Yes, Awu was there that night! In fact, Zhang Ziyi herself won the Strongest Newcomer of the Year which sounds really weird since she’s been starring in movies since 1999 but I guess they were basing it on her first drama The Rebel Princess. Qin Hao and Tong Yao both won the Outstanding Actor of the Year awards. Qin Hao absolutely impressed in The Bad Kids and Tong Yao in Nothing But Thirty. Zhao Lusi won for Shining Artist of the Year. In 2020, her Douyin had more than 3.1 billion views. And finally, Xiao Zhan won the Hottest Star of the Year. In 2020, his Douyin related searches exceeded 200 million. Some pretty creative award titles, whatever it takes to get the stars to show up. So that’s the glitz and glamor that took place on Jan 19th, moving on, it’s Thursday today so time for another segment of My Predictions For Sunday’s Top 10 Champions As you guys know, every Sunday we do the Top 10 Chinese dramas and actors at the moment. In this segment, I will give my thoughts and predictions as to who the champions will be. My prediction for this Sunday’s top web drama is The Rebel Princess starring Zhang Ziyi and Zhou Yiwei. I think this one’s a no brainer. It’s the drama everyone’s talking about, I’m loving it and so are many of you. I think The Rebel Princess will be the top drama for this and a couple more Sundays to come. My prediction for this Sunday’s top TV drama is Minning Town starring Huang Xuan and Zhang Jiayi. I’m personally not following the drama but it’s getting all sorts of praise and good reviews and ratings in China. And my prediction for this Sunday’s top drama

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