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The year 2021 has here, and we’re all hoping it will be better than the previous one. But for some folks, it’s not like these celebrities who are still behind bars. Today on Beyond the Screen, we’re going through part two of our list of celebrities who are currently in jail. I’m your host, Josh Bernard, and thanks for tuning in. subscribe so you don’t miss a new video and also give a like on this video since it really helps us out. Number 10 on our list is Kodak Black. The rapper hasn’t made headlines for his music in a long time, but that all changed in 2019 when he was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to weapon charges stemming from an earlier arrest. The 22-year-old rapper admitted to falsifying information on federal forms to buy four firearms from a Miami gun dealer. He’s not only banned from the ufc, but he’s also in prison. He’s had a history of getting into bar fights and serving time for them, but one crime he committed was worse than anyone could have imagined. On August 8, 2014, he broke into his ex-home girlfriend’s and attacked her and her new boyfriend, then kicked him out. The rapper was caught and imprisoned in 2016 for his involvement in a drug group. When he was arrested, investigators discovered two illegal weapons in his car as well as an illegal amount of drugs. other defendants with a variety of crimes including murder, assault, and drug dealing.2016, but was eligible for early release based on the time he had served since pleading guilty and for good behaviour. He served four years in prison and was only freed a few weeks ago, but he’s still on parole, so legally he’s not in jail anymore, but he’s on his way to number six. We’ve got Jared Fogle on our hands. You probably won’t recognise him just by hearing his name, but if you’ve ever seen a subway commercial, you’ll know who he is. He was a spokesperson for the restaurant and starred in all of their commercials. He gained fame from his role as the subway guy, even appearing in films like jack and jill and sharknado, but his entire career ended in 2015 after he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. In 2018, he was sentenced to 28 years in prison for a crime committed in 2015. was also ordered to pay a $21,000 fine. In span number four, suge knight, the former rapper, had the world in his hands when it came to music and being the CEO of Death Row Records, but his life is a lot different now, and he is locked behind bars. He pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter for running over a compton businessman in Los Angeles Superior Court, agreeing to a sentence of 28 years in prison. The plea came just days before jury selection was set to begin in the long-delayed case. He was charged with murder and hit-and-run after fleeing the scene after an altercation broke out outside of a burger stand. Sam Hurd, who has risen to third place, is a complete enigma. The former NFL receiver was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2013 for his role in starting a drug distribution scheme while playing for the Chicago Bears. . Jon was found by tourists a street over after the altercation and video footage shows that he was still standing and able to walk around and drink beer. Reports say that he had more than one altercation that night, so there is still the number one spot. Corey Miller, the rapper, was accused of fatally shooting a young guy called Steve Thomas in a bar is currently serving a life sentence, but his case has sparked a lot of debate because two key eyewitnesses have recanted their original evidence since his conviction. Kim Kardashian, who has gotten engaged in numerous legal cases to help falsely imprisoned people get released, is now fighting for Cory’s release. Detectives allegedly persuaded one important witness, Kenneth Jordan, to lie on oath or risk a 10-year sentence. I know the person who shot the gun, and it wasn’t corey Miller, he stated. Kim Kardashian is alleged to be assisting the decarceration group with financial support and is attempting to assist him in his escape.

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