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Careers can die, just like anything else in life. It’s true that not everyone in Hollywood can stay relevant and in the public eye indefinitely. Sometimes careers simply run their course, and other times they are ended due to a scandal. Either way, it makes for some interesting banter, so let’s get started counting down the top 10 celebrities who destroyed their careers in second. 2021 is ranked tenth. hammer of the army The first big entertainment news storey of the year was the fall of army hammer after a series of dms were leaked that revealed his life behind closed doors, specifically the bedroom door. An instagram account called house of effie was the one to expose army after they posted dozens of screenshots that showed the actors conversati As a result of the incident, the chats show army discussing about his bedroom fantasies, including dreams of consensual non-consent and eating his lover. When the scandal first broke, army withdrew from an upcoming film he was set to star in alongside Jennifer Lopez, and since then he’s been dropped from the cast of an upcoming paramount plus project about the making of the Godfather. Army has also been dropped by his agency and publicist. His career may be over as a result of this leak, even though he didn’t do anything wrong. david dobrik youtuber and former viner david dobrik was once regarded as youtube’s golden boy. With nearly 9 million subscribers, he was extremely popular on the platform, and he’s also found a lot of success in Hollywood, having been cast as a host and judge on a few game shows. However, in recent weeks, David’s popularity has begun to wane, and his praise has turned into scorn. carano, Gina Recently, Disney was hit with another scandal, but this time it wasn’t from one of their most well-known and controversial stars, such as Bella Thorne or Lindsay Lohan; instead, it was from one of their newest stars, gina Carano, who is best known for her role in the Disney Plus series The Mandalorian. This controversy arose after Gina tweeted a controversial statement stating that being a republican is equivalent to being a Jew, implying that republicans are being persecuted for their political beliefs. Many fans were outraged by this message, but it isn’t the first time the actress has made headlines for her nasty comments. As a result of her anti-mass posts and tweets regarding potential voting fraud during the 2016 US presidential election, officials at lucasfilms, the company behind the Mandalorian, decided to fire gina, and her career has taken a hit. Her tweets effectively destroyed her career in seconds, causing admirers to turn against her and causing her to lose a job at number 7 at one of the industry’s largest corporations. despite the fact that there are still a few people who enjoy youtube beauty guru james charles charles james There’s also an increasing number of individuals who don’t. Over the last few years, James has gotten himself into a slew of scandals and dramas, to the point where it’s become the new normal after his major meltdowns with Tati Westbrook, Jeffery Starr, and Shane Dawson in 2019 and 2020. Because of the charges against him, James has lost a lot of support, and the new scale he’s facing might do much more damage. James has lately faced outrage after it was revealed that he had solicited intimate images from a fan who turned out to be under the age of 18. On social media, said fan exposed james by showing off their conversations and images sent to one other over the course of their conversation. These allegations are similar to others he’s faced in the past, and because this type of behaviour is not only incredibly controversial but also illegal, it’s possible that this will put an end to his career. When the news of the scandal first broke, there was talk of legal repercussions that he could face, so you never know, we might be saying goodbye to sister for good at number six. marilyn manson is a member of the Manson family. Another major issue that broke early this year is the charges of abuse against musician Justin Timberlake. Evan Rachel Wood, a marilyn manson actress, came forward in February this year, naming manson as the one who caused her mental, physical, and emotional distress while in a relationship. She released a statement to her instagram calling manson out and also saying that she was quote brainwashed and manipulated into submission by him. Hartman, Butch Butch Hartman is a Nickelodeon character who has appeared in episodes such as fairly oddparents, Danny Phantom, and Tough Puppy. Butch is the creator and illustrator of these shows and characters, and he’s been very famous for his artwork since the hit animated series got off the ground recently, but he’s had a fall from grace that may have killed his career, or at the very least his credibility. Since he’s recently turned to making commissions for fans when they submit a prompt or request for anything they’d like him to draw for them, Butch has been caught plagiarising artwork and selling it to fans for upwards of $200 each piece. People have been sharing their commissioned artwork online, and one artist noticed this and realised that a specific piece that Butch sold, a drawing of a character from the anime Attack on Titan, had been plagiarised by another artist. This mini scandal began to circulate around the internet, causing increasing tension and fury in the art world. pierce morgan media sources were buzzing after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s bombshell interview, and it seemed like that was all anyone in the entertainment industry could talk about for the next few days. The information shared in the interview included some big juicy secrets, serious allegations, and deeper looks into Megan and Harry’s lives. During the interview, megan opened up about her mental health, saying that there was a point after marrying into the royal family when she wanted to take her own life. tv broadcaster pierce morgan spoke out about this on era of good morning britain and said that he quote didn’t believe a worrisome storey. winston marshall, the band’s banjoist and lead guitarist, was called out after tweeting the book’s author, telling him that he was a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote a quote The book, which revealed antifa’s radical plan to destroy democracy, has sparked controversy among fans of the band as well as within the band itself. According to a close source within the band, winston’s praise of the book caused the band members to hold a crisis meeting, after which they decided to effectively kick winston out of the band. After a tumultuous and public divorce, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have not been on speaking terms. Recently, Angelina Jolie stated that she is willing to share proof of Brad Pitt’s alleged domestic disputes, which could spell the end for him. As we’ve seen recently, these kinds of things are taken very seriously and can severely damage your career if you share information that shows brad as a cheater.

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