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With Entertainment Weekly, I’m Anthony Breznican. We’ve arrived with the Avengers. The original six Avengers and Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, were in the last stretch. Who’s the real-life Nick Fury, as it’s been said —that’s Sam. Sam Jackson is a well-known actor. — You bring—but he’s dust, therefore we need you to assist in putting out the Avengers.

—I’m honoured to be able to do so.

So, you’re not allowed to talk about Endgame, are you? So, can you give me the most outrageous falsehood about your character that you can think of?

-Another wave of lightning?

One thing you can count on from Endgame is that it will start and then end.

-It will be at some point.

Just keep going.

-This junket is going to give me PTSD. I mean, it’s incredibly stressful— it truly is. Yes, it is.

-You’re doing a fantastic job, youngster. Well, as you know, at the end of each day, I lie awake at night thinking about all the things I almost said —and that makes me nervous. Oh, you think that’s how you feel? Mark, tell us about it.

What are your thoughts? Mr. Ruffalo, you’ve done it before. Not at every educational camp, to be sure. What’s the most you’ve ever spilled? What about the first ten minutes of— that you streamed?

People were sprinting up and down the aisle.

What exactly are they doing to Mark? That was the one who got me the call from above.

They could only hear it because he was laughing, so it must be good. Well, everything flipped around on me because when I arrived at work on Monday, everyone rushed up to me, as if to scream at me, “Barry?” And he wrapped his arms around me and exclaimed, “That was brilliant!” We got a lot more coverage than that. Spoilers might have been purchased for a fee. Yes, Barry Curtis, one of our top security guards at Marvel Studios, who is now immortalised as Captain Marvel’s blockbuster parking lot security guard. Finally!

Barry is his name. Do you have any yes cards? In the future, there will be a cameo. What has been the most significant shift in you since you began working on the Marvel films? Yes, I’m aware of my waist circumference. Thinner?

I’m not sure right now. I haven’t looked at it.

Fluctuating. Let me like a weather a lot of folks here have children like three three you guys.

I didn’t have a major impact on my waistline.

People that are inquisitive about your character often inquire, “What do you bring to your character?” Is there any aspect of the character you play that I find particularly interesting? There was a much clearer sense of who the character was the first time I played it, and then Adam was like a holiday something different. It gradually devolved into me messing around and having a good time, and no. No, I’m not saying I’ve completely transformed into the character, but there’s more of me in the character now than ever before, I believe, because that’s the most honest place you can operate from, especially when you know everyone. I feel like I’ve run into personal or personal relationships that start to echo through you know, and then what you see is the authenticity of you know I’m and Captain America. Chris and Robert have a genuine bond. Then it’s only a question of whether we love it enough. Do you all feel like you’re a part of this character or a part of yourself? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes When you’re in a specific headspace all day and play a role, it’s tough not to carry a tiny piece home with you. It’s impossible not to take part of that home with you. And there are instances when you play roles where that is true.

It’s exhausting, and it can feel like you’re in a cave in the dark. Sometimes you can’t wait to shed, and other times you can’t wait to get back to it, and that’s the wonderful part about the role; you know most movies when you’re done, and you can’t wait to get back to it, and that’s the great thing about it. You know, when you move on to this one, you have to close the book on that one. You just go on a break because you know you’ll come back to them, and it’s it’s truly it’s the same way that these are all buddies. You make friends with the character. You’re paying a visit to an old acquaintance. What are your thoughts about that? Kevin, you put us in a position where we lived our lives looking at each other in the eyes, claiming these great stakes moments, being in crisis together, saving each other, and worrying about each other. So it was kind of like these six souls becoming it’s just this Impossible to explain thing is getting a bit old. I think it just comes down to the smallness of our lives has been the constant in this gigantic endeavour, and I think it’s impossible not to be humbled by that. If I’ve been, then it’s entirely out of the question.

These characters have struggled with their past and their destiny, and I believe we’ve seen them come into their own as fully formed humans, with all of their flaws and defect acceptance, and truly come to view them as you know them over the last 10 years. Strengths, and I think that’s probably indicative of a lot of the travels we’ve all been on in the past. I mean, just having ten years of time to develop and learn is a big deal. Having ups and downs in our lives and sharing them with one another has been a real pillar of strength in all kinds of crazy moments, and I believe that’s what the audience responds to as well, that the characters have developed in a way that feels representative of their own experience. I mean, I just met her yesterday. He was a die-hard supporter of the Black Widows. She was fantastic, and she acted as if she had seen the first film with you. Yeah, I first saw Black Widow when I was six, and now she’s 15, and she’s like, “I just grew up with you, and it’s so exciting,” and I was thinking, “God, she was a little girl, and now she’s this beautiful young woman, and you know, it’s so exciting,” and you know, I was thinking, “God, she was a little girl, and now she’s this beautiful young woman, and you know, it’s She presumably also feels as though the path of these individuals coming into their own is a part of her own life. And I believe that’s the situation we’re in. You recognise ourselves in the characters as well, when you reflect. People are so emotionally invested in all of these characters that if you tweet about them or give a hint in a teaser that they might be in danger, people will freak out. It’s fascinating to see if you see yourself out there and think it’s strange, or if you think it’s moving or strong. What’s it like to see anything like that? a little frightening You become more cautious as time goes on. You have a greater responsibility, but you also see the power of storytelling, and one thing I think about these movies that’s very exciting is that they’re leaning forward in the narrative of good vs evil, and so we’re able to transcend some of the divisive narratives that are happening now. It is, however, about the value of it. Right, and it’s about people who have, you know, civil wars, which is the most extreme version of that. And now I’m looking at them all the time.

And I always feel like we’re one or two steps ahead of the political scene, yeah, and the evil folks win sometimes, yeah, and we lose excellent people, and II until you lose occasionally, you don’t respect winning, and winning doesn’t mean anything. That is correct. And I feel like that’s been the last leg of our trek to the finish line. That is a redemptive act in real time, like gosh terrible mean. I believe you’ve returned to zero.

Isn’t there a no-read in your legend?

Having a good time Now is the time to cover it. We were talking about Black Widow and the lack of female superheroes the last time we had you all together, crimson. What role do you think Natasha and Black Widow have played in altering people’s perceptions of female superheroes? I’m not sure. It’s an excellent question. I’m not sure I have a complete understanding of it, but the character has obviously matured in ways that we’ve seen. You know, I think Fabri was insulted when I dubbed her a second hot secretary. He said, “Well, she’s undercover.” Okay, I guess. Yeah. Definitely true that, you know, she had an opportunity to become a Woman who realised via the Avengers and then surely with Winter Soldier? Oh, no, I haven’t You know, I haven’t really made any active choices in my life and was and was really coming to terms with as shield like you know Disintegrated and you know certainly now after Civil War with the Avengers, you know they’re also kind of disintegrating and being in all these different places and everyone kind of having their own reaction so that she’s Come into her own as a woman saying oh, I actually acted like a woman saying oh, I actually acted like a woman saying oh And, you know, where is my you know, what do I want? And what exactly do I require? She’s someone who’s understanding her own self-worth and that’s such a powerful journey to see anyone take but especially to see a woman on screen represented in that way as a flawed superhero with a sort of grey moral compass coming to terms with what’s happened to her and that’s happened over the course of the course of the course of the course of the course of the course of the course of the course of the course of the course of the course of the course of the course of the course of the You know, you showed some type of road for other female superheroes to be able to walk down. I certainly don’t take credit for it in any manner, but you played a part. There was a period not long ago when there was a belief that a leading female superhero couldn’t exist. By the way, it wasn’t done by this guy. No, I don’t think so, but there was an industry-standard way of thinking about it, and if they were, it was severely sexualized. Well, there’s the secretary with a set of skills. That’s correct. As a result, I believe Black Widow played a significant role in the transformation.

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