Running a garage

i hope you guys were like a little bit nostalgic and the least bit as excited as we are to see you all back together againwait wait don’t worry when you walked on that stage and you were all back together here what was that feeling like matthew i’m going to start with uh we’ve had a wonderful couple of days it’s been very nostalgic and uh and and really just heartwarming couple of days uh being on the set and seeing this seeing the old set and uh seeing the crew and seeing the scene seeing the the old guys and it’s just it’s a very loving group one of the not old guys the yeah
the older guy they are older than i am yeah we are we’re older i am the youngest yeah matthew’s the youngest so he can get away with saying that but seeing uh seeing uh schwimmer and maddie and well at least you got our names and lisa and courtney and jenny um you know it’s a it’s a very loving tight-knit group and when we see each other it’s a it’s a very heartwarming thing it’s it’s interesting that you say that matthew because um david like not every tv series you know the cast from from these shows stay as close as you guys did and are what about this experience of making this series did that for you all that made this such a bonding experience i think uh i think first of all we um we felt from the from the first table read of the pilot without having met any of the others beforehand we all felt kind of an instant chemistry going way back um and then when we were shooting the pilot i think that really solidified that chemistry solidified this is from the one where everyone finds out i remember being incredibly impressed with the other five actors i just thought this was the best casting i had ever seen or been a part of and then over the 10 years obviously we really grew close as a family and part of the reason was that that initial success of the show was something that no other no one else could relate to or or was going through except the other five actors so um we really we really got close because of that experience too okay is that the girls and you’re on another yeah this is a three shot i think are you into three shots seeing me do that i think so i look crazy that’s a crazy person

so first of all matthew the over under on how many times today you’re gonna hear could you be any more excited how many times you’re going to hear that i’ve heard that a lot i’ve heard that a lot but i like hearing that i’m going to do this while matthew’s talking so turn around i thought i wasn’t on camera and we’re hearing the other interviews so i thought people were just talking do it to you every single time this is like old times i mean this makes girls totally upstage in the guys so when i go to them you guys gotta get them back like i just say run through the damn interview just don’t you worry about it i’m sure there you go it’s on it’s on it’s on you guys this was so much fun i it does it does my heart some good seeing you all back together again thank you very much too thanks for your time thank you very much and sorry for acting like a crazy person girls upstaging the guys why would they schedule these interviews on the same stage that’s a great question so anything we could afford was one step all we could afford was one stage apparently i hear you hey matt um so for you what do you think that all these characters we’ll start with joe what do you think joey would be doing in 2021

uh joey triviani in 2021 would uh probably be oh he would be he’d have ten kids he’d have ten kids be brain dead yeah brain dead in the unemployment line well he i probably wouldn’t be acting right i mean he’d still be trying why not yeah maybe you’d be what are you saying running a garage or something okay well analyze these two what about chandler and what about ross well chandler would be involved in the computer world somehow but we don’t know he’d be coaching his kids soccer game and ross would be uh running the museum playing with the bones playing with the bones

playing with the ball just playing with them just be playing with the bones they really enjoyed that over on lisa’s interview you can’t write that okay well before we leave then let’s analyze the women since they’ve just integrated shut up shut up what’s phoebe doing what’s monica doing what’s rachel you’re making a lot of

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