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the royal family drama is getting all kinds of vh1 a new report claims that prince charles is refusing to see his son harry when he returns to the uk now according to the sun harry’s heading home later this month to help william unveil a statue of princess diana and an insider says charles has made it clear that he will not see him and he is leaving town and their relationship is still streamed with no signs of coming together anytime soon what in the new jersey housewives love that line going on while we’re talking about this i need somebody in the control room to google when is prince charles’s birthday because this sounds like some scorpio you know i i shouldn’t know his birthday no it’s a yeah it’s a scorpio this is the scorpio forgive and move on in two seconds and then hate the person later they don’t got it but this is why i have a problem with you this is your son number one and you have done dirt publicly how can you be mad at your son when you had an affair on his mother the whole time well that was because they were they were family friends and that’s how that works i agree with you i think he he has charles has messed up he’s not you said that jordan you’re fine i just think the situation with the royal family right now is really sticky i think that harry did that interview he hung them up to dry in a major way you can’t be expected to be welcomed back i don’t care if your family if your family you don’t go do a live interview like that i don’t know i just and i i just felt like during the interview there were serious they were clear there were clearly things that harry did not want to talk about 100 and his wife was like no we’re talking about this which is her right to do but i just feel like it was one of those situations where there wasn’t a conversation beforehand that was like let’s keep this off limits and let’s make sure that we’re because this is still my family it’s still my blood for sure and you know you don’t know what happens in relationships if megan and harry later down the line this is always going to be his family you don’t get to choose your family unfortunately yes with that being said i just got confirmation that prince charles’s birthday is november 14th because i know that shady i would pull something like that oh and diane is a cancer i remember googling that that was they’re compatible and the second thing is i totally agree with you however in her family the mother is normally the one who bonds the child with the family and who can you know sweep things and make things better and kind of smooth things over they don’t have a mother so as a father you have to step up and you have to take on that role i do believe that prince charles will set the precedence for what other people will do of course william is gonna follow the money and not do you know what charles is doing like it just is unfortunate and the other thing is you’re a pretty public family pretty you’re in public service your life is a reality show things are going to get out this is the life that you were born in so yes some nasty things came out about you it’s fine you guys have gotten over worse things in your lives i think it’s just time to move on and it’s his job as the king and as a father to put this back together i got questions but we ran out of time now because yeah i thought it had something to do with the taxes or something there was no no but taxes are always a part of it they need to get rid of some of them guards in front of that damn palace and get a ring camera thanks for watching daily pop on e news

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