What is entertainment

started what is entertainment entertainment is activity that gives you fun gives you joy or makes you feel good here are some examples of entertainment watching a movie going to restaurant adventure live concert going for vacation or museum doing painting gossiping with friends stargazing playing carpentry or reading both let’s take one of these example and discuss in more detail let’s take a movie so you go watch movie and you enjoy it you had a good time but sometimes you don’t other times you dislike the movie sometimes you’re angry but often times it’s the same movie and different people experiencing different things some people enjoy some don’t which means it’s not the movie it’s something else now let’s take another example a tourism people go to New York look at the gigantic products enjoy it or people go to Himalayas get mesmerized by the beauty of the mountains and the river or people going to Australian Beach relaxing enjoying the beach and one of the famous places F the tower I’ll tell you real story I traveled overnight in the bus from Zurich to Paris and in the morning the moment I mean I was so tired and the moment I see effort hour all my tiredness was gone I was happy I was energetic and people from across the globe comes to see fu tower and enjoy but French people don’t find it interesting much people who are upset look at the effort hour remain upset people who are angry look at the Eiffel Tower and they are still angry so if it was the effort hour which give me the smile then it would give smile to everyone but that doesn’t happen that means it’s not the effort hour so what’s common in all these forms of detainment why what is it that makes it entertaining well the secret my friend is attention your attention is what makes it beautiful I’ll share the official Wikipedia definition of entertainment entertainment as a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience or gives pleasure and delight attention bla bla bla bla bla now my definition of entertainment is entertainment is attention in the moment so if you are attentive in any moment that is entertainment now let’s talk about attention when I say attention in the moment you might be thinking what is attention so here is your brain and let’s take an example that you are talking with your boss so in your brain you have thought of your boss you’re talking whatever you are having the conversation you are thinking about it and suddenly a thought from past pop up you think about your kid the game of Thrones episode you watch that morning or you are an argument you had with your friend so you start getting thoughts from your past and then you start getting thoughts for future what will you post on Facebook you need to take care of dog how much bonus you will get for the loo post on Instagram or what are you going to do on your weekend trip so now what’s happening is you have thoughts in your head but the majority of thoughts are either in the past or in the future so your thoughts is equivalent to your attention so your attention in the moment is very less that’s why you’re not enjoying the conversation with your boss now when you go on the trip the picture is different you look at the f2 tower and the tortoise you look at the shape you look at the color of a full Tower the height the breeze you feel it you look at the beauty you look at a beautiful sky so majority of your thoughts are in that moment what you are seeing what you’re watching what you’re feeling since your majority of thoughts are in the moment your majority of attention in the moment that’s where you enjoying it a French guy or French girl doesn’t really think about this they just look at as an Eiffel Tower and they think about Doug the family and all those past and future things that’s why they are not able to enjoy now you know that attention is equal to thought the majority of your thoughts are in the moment that means you’re enjoying it but how do you get thoughts right well nobody really knows how do you get thoughts but generally speaking you get touched from your senses so you look at something and you get thought related to that or you hear about something and then you get a thought about that or you taste something and you think about it you get to the art or you touch feel something or you smell something so you have five senses and you get taught from these five senses or sometimes your thought can trigger another thought so we can say six now what happens is people use these six these five or six senses to bring your attention in the moment for example when you go for watch a movie they use your visual and hearing senses to get your attention in the moment they make beautiful movie with beautiful scenes or action scenes an amazing audio that just captures your attention in the moment or you go to a restaurant then what the do is it’s delicious food smells good restaurant look good they have a music and then you feel the food and then you feel the texture unfortunately Western people doesn’t feel the texture they use fork so they are missing one one sense that can help them to bring their attention in the moment you go for an adventure the senses are you feel the water on your face you look at the beauty you hear the sound of water you smell the natural air and then it it just brings your attention in the moment and when you go to a museum it’s funny because you look at it and it just your thought that’s bring your attention in the moment for example you look at a stone which is thousand BC and then you just look at it and it’s mesmerizing you start thinking wow this is amazing and it just brings her attention in the moment so what’s happening is in your mind you have a lot of thoughts thoughts in the past in the future you don’t have much thought in the present and that’s why it doesn’t feel good and in fact what you do is you go to the movie theater or restaurant or a vacation and you pay a lot of money to them and then you beg them please help me bring my attention in the moment because I’m not able to do it I’m thinking about past or future please help me and then you pay money and then they are able to bring your attention in the moment by using your senses they use your senses and then bring your attention in the moment and they are charging money to you but what happens is once the event is over once the movie is over you’re back to square one again you start thinking about the past or future and the present doesn’t look that beautiful right but nowadays what’s happening is even a vacation is not that much fun you go to a trip and then what comes next is let’s take a picture how am I looking or what will I post on a Facebook or did someone like my previous post on Instagram snapchat or Facebook so what’s happening is even when you are on a vacation you paid so much money you’re not able to bring your attention in the moment because of other distractions so that’s why these days even vacations are not that much fun for people so what’s the solution we got if we figured out the problem one solution is you pay a lot of money to the third party and they help you bring your attention in the moment using your senses or work on yourself my friend develop your ability to bring your attention in the moment and trust me every moment of your life will be entertaining now you might be thinking well no we need to pay money otherwise it doesn’t work I’ll give you a role model kids kids doesn’t need money to have entertainment look at these two kids playing with sands it doesn’t cost money and they are enjoying it they are in the moment the kids on the right they’re running just enjoying in the moment not caring about the past or future or the kids on the right bottom just playing with wooden blocks and having so much fun right so make it your role model look at them how they are able to enjoy just by being more attentive in the moment now I’ll give you two real-life scenarios where which will show how we messed up our life how it could be entertaining but we are not allowing ourselves so here’s an example everyday life a guy in a car going to office now he’s thinking about office what is gonna do in the office he or she and then he’s also listening music in the car so thinking about office listening to music also drinking coffee so now thinking about office listening music drinking coffee and checking emails on the phone it’s the thing about the thoughts going on his or her head and then if there’s a natural tree mountain do you think they’ll be able to appreciate them or if it’s raining do you think they’ll be appreciative on the other hand look at a person who’s not involved in all these activities and just being in the moment appreciating the beautiful tree the mountains the rain the raindrops hitting the mirror so it it can be so beautiful the same activity can be very beautiful if you bring your attention in the moment another example is a person talking spending time with wife and kids having a romantic conversation deep meaningful conversation playing with kids listening to the kid and sharing his thoughts just playing and having a great time but what happens is suddenly an email pops up so the guy is not checking the email and then wife placed Netflix so now he’s checking email watching Netflix talking to wife and son suddenly he’s eating food as well then in the phone a Gmail came up and then a facebook notification a Twitter of whatsapp message a text message and the Google News so with all these things now do you think he’ll be really able to bring his attention in the conversation but wife and son know and some people have dog and cat so god help them like it would be so difficult for these people to bring their attention in the present moment and have a great life so guys I’ll give you a practical tip to make something which is not interesting in your life right now but if you do this it will be interesting and you do this three times in a day it’s eating your food I’m gonna make it amazingly interesting so next time when you’re eating food I want you to look at the food the texture the color the contrast of the color and just look at it completely involved in it then feel the texture of the food how is it full feelings you know is it smooth is it rough then smell it smell the smell of the food and then eat it and when you’re eating it listen to the sound the crunching sound it makes and after that I want you to close your eyes don’t listen to any music or TV and just focus completely in your mouth focus on the thing you are eating be more conscious of it and man tab would be so interesting you would tank me a lot for telling you this you can do this 3 times in a day so you’ll have 3 entertaining moments in your life for sure but it’s tricky it is challenging why because you’ll do it for maybe 5 minutes eating food after that it will get tricky why is that to understand that let’s understand how mind works so you have a brain and you’re focused on my activity of the moment in our case eating the food now what happens is our mind starts to think about past and future and the MA and the part of mine which thinks about past and future let’s call it monkey mind so that monkey mind thinks about future and then things about fast thinks about future then thinks about past so it doesn’t really allow us to really enjoy the activity that we are doing so what’s the solution the solution is the secret is right under your nose literally it’s the secret is under your nose the secret is under your nose when you’re born the first thing you do is you inhale and then you die or when you will die the last thing you’ll do is you’ll breathe out so it’s breathing that is the secret now you have activity of the moment and then you have past and future I want you to give a job to that monkey mind tell that monkey mind to focus on your breathe that way the monkey mind will not jump between past and future so that monkey mind give them give him a job to focus on breathe in and then breathe out so whenever you’re breathing in it will focus on breathe in and whenever you’ll breathe out it will focus on breathe out that way the monkey mind is in the present moment because you’re breathing in the present moment you’re breathing right now so monkey mind comes to the present moment and then you can spend your time in the activity you are doing and friend if you stop doing anything and focus on your breathe that’s bliss and that’s what meditation is you focus on your breathe calm down this monkey mind and the life becomes entertaining so my friend stop paying gazillion dollars for entertainment stop doing things for entertainment because you are not human doing stop doing you’re not human doing you are human being just be in the moment just be in the moment bring your attention in the moment and trust me my friend your whole life will be entertaining I promise you cry bees to practical things one whenever you eat your food focus on your food don’t watch TV don’t talk to anyone don’t listen to music just be conscious of the food you’re eating and activity to focus on your breathe and see how this monkey mind comes down thank you so much for watching this video it’s my attempt to debunk entertainment and make you realize that you have the source of joy you don’t need to pay anything to anyone to make your life entertaining you can do it by yourself and if you need any help with meditation comment below and I will help you for sure enjoy your beautiful blissful life take care bye bye

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